AR-15 Wood Stock Sets

Is your AR-15 Compatible with Our Components?

A2 Rifle

Our AR15 rifle set is designed to fit the AR15 rifle with a standard A2 length buttstock and with a 12 inch hand guard that mounts between a triangular cup and the delta ring.  Everything will fit with no modifications.

A1 Rifle

If your firearm has a standard A1 length buttstock then you have two options.  To fit our A2 buttstock will need to purchase an A2 buttstock spacer (Brownells item #430-000-455 or #231-000-155).  The other alternative is to special order an A1 length buttstock from us -- we try to keep a few of these in stock.  Call Gene at 316-393-4434.  The pistol grip and hand guard will fit with no modifications.


The pistol grip fits directly.  Our carbine style hand guard fits this type of firearm directly and mounts between a round cup and a delta ring. For the buttstock you will need to remove the collapsible stock and the receiver extension tube and replace these with a A2 rifle stock completion kit.  For example, Brownells item #080-000-554.  Refer to the following youtube instructional video


We have a mid-length hand guard.  It is triangular and similar to the A2 guard.  This mounts between a triangular cup and the delta ring.